Monday 9 August 2021

Week 32: a scene on a bus

100 years ago this week: Week 32

A rapid interaction on a bus observed by a journalist - recreated in words in the form of a scene from an imaginary film - tells us more about the invisible effects of World War One that were still hanging heavily in the air in 1921. Life had returned to normal, but nothing would ever be totally normal for those that had lived through the conflict.

Hop on the bus here.

The scene takes place in a bus on the Pigalle-Halle aux Vins line.

At the Place de la Bourse, the heavy vehicule executes a steep and sudden turn. A young man - around 30 years old maybe - who was getting ready to leave the bus, loses his balance and tumbles into an elegant female passenger who furiously scolds him:

"Can't you be more careful you imbecile!"

The young man picks himself up with difficulty, takes off his hat, bows down and explains calmly:

"Madame, forgive me, but more than other men I am subject to losing my balance"

He adds simply:

"I lost a leg during the war..."

The elegant lady stands up and humbly declares:

"Monsieur, please forgive me..."

In the bus, a heavy silence suddenly descends, a silence where hang the thoughts that are no longer sufficiently in our minds; the war, the maimed...




C-Marie said...

Beautiful !! Thank you !! Thoughts , pictures , so much veterans go through !
God bless, C-Marie

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