Monday 23 August 2021

Week 34: Manfield-Hotspur - the first desirable sporting brand

100 years ago this week: Week 34

Sport was an amateur affair in France at the beginning of the 1920s, but those who participated still desired serious equipment. With more and more people taking part, players wanted to look the part and use the same gear as their semi-professional idols. On the football field, one Franco-British brand was starting to corner the market, with success stemming from groundbreaking advertising campaigns.  

Kick off a look into a brand that met its goals.


The model of football boot worn by the most well-known clubs. 100,000 pairs are in circulation.
Its success is confirmed by the multitude of imitators, which is why you must make sure you buy the authentic MANFIELD-HOTSPUR.
No other brand will bring you as much satisfaction.

I can still remember my first proper pair of football boots. A pair of Patrick Silvers, bought in a tiny sports shop c.1982. There was little choice in store, and all the shoes were black. If we'd been a little wealthier, like most of my friends, I might have had a pair of Adidas Beckenbauers.

If I'd lived in Paris in 1921, I would have probably had to play football in the same shoes I went to school in, but I would have dreamed of owning a pair of Manfield-Hotspurs. The ad would appear regularly in the back pages of L'Auto sports newspaper, complete with a large-size visual representation of the model. Was it really the pair worn by players at the top clubs and in national teams?

I would probably have gone along to one of the Paris shops listed in the ad. The flagship store on the Boulevard Montmartre perhaps, and looked at the displays ijn the window. If I'd been brave enough, and if the stern, moustachioed shop assistant had let me in, I might even have picked up a shoe. 

The Manfield company, based in Northampton, was already a historic brand in the UK, and one of the first mass producers of footwear. Moving into the rapidly growing sports market was an inspired move, and their Hotspur model of football boot was probably the first ever global sporting brand. It continued to be worn by footballers across the world until at least the 1950s. 

The company still exists today - in France - but no longer makes football boots. You can read about the company's history here.

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Nicholas said...

Good to know this sport brands and the shoes design looked unique. Interested to know more about this brand too. Thanks for sharing it!

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