Sunday 13 March 2011

Les 3 Murs

The Project 'Les 3 Murs' in the 10th arrondissement is somewhat strangely named (it involves four walls!) but is nevertheless an interesting initiative. Between April 2010 and September 2012, eighteen works will be displayed, with the creations being changed on average every three months. Each time a work is added, a local school or association is recruited to help the artist, and to become the sponsor of their creation.

The goal of the project is to encourage reflection on shared spaces in the city. As the people behind the initiative explain, "Le mur ne serait pas seulement un espace de séparation entre le dedans et le dehors, mais aussi une surface qui parle, interpelle, inspire..". (The wall need not only be a separation between the inside and outside, but also a surface that talks, questions, inspires...).

Beyond any other considerations, they certainly bring some colour to what were previously nondescript grey corners of the city!

Here are the four creations currently on display:

'Untitled' by SiaoBé (

'Bagueera' by Harry James (

'Diffraction' by France Dubois

'Gamme Chromatique en 18 couleurs' by Arnaud Crassat


PeterParis said...

Interesting! ... and you know about my interest in street art! Must go and have a look! :-)

catied said...

Wow! That's inspiring. I wonder if we could start something like this in the States where I am...thanks!

Adam said...

Hi catied - I'd say where there's a wall there's a way!

Anonymous said...

l'adresse, s'il vous plait

Adam said...

Anonymous: Voila...
10, rue Jacques Louvel Tessier
24, rue Alibert
40, rue Sambre et Meuse
101, rue du Faugbourg du Temple

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