Thursday 15 October 2009

Something for the Weekend (16th/18th October)

A quieter weekend this time in Paris, although the scent of burning candles will be in the air. For some unexplained reason, several birthdays are being celebrated - to which you are all invited of course! Other events include an exhibition, a ‘flair’ event and a somewhat grimmer anniversary.

Please add any events or activities you think should be promoted or which you would like to promote yourself in the comments, and let me know if you have any events in the coming weekends you would like to promote.

Happy Birthday Point Ephemère!
The Point Ephemère alongside the Canal Saint Martin is celebrating its 5th birthday this month, but the birthday party is this Friday night. If you have never been before, this is the moment to check out this unusual and unusually well-situated venue which operates as a bar, restaurant, concert hall, night-club and rehearsal space. If you have been before, now is the time to go again. If you go regularly, you won’t need reminding!
Point Ephemère
Quai de Valmy
Metro Stalingrad
Friday 16th

Happy Birthday Baron Samedi!
The Baron Samedi bar is a younger sibling and will only blow out two candles this Saturday evening. Situated on a quiet street at the lower end of Belleville, it has managed to build itself a reputation as the ‘local’ for everyone in the area. The owners are fantastically friendly, and the regulars will also draw you into their conversations. It offers regular events to keep people coming back, including poker nights, themed crosswords and northern soul DJ sets. More on this bar and its owners soon!
Baron Samedi
12 Rue des Goncourt, Metro Goncourt
Saturday 17th, 9pm

French Flair
Remember Tom Cruise in Cocktail? Apparently this activity is known as ‘flair bartending’, and this Sunday evening you will be able to see the 20 of the best bartenders in competition to become the Champion of France on the stage of Le Reservoir! It should be quite spectacular, and the venue is a nice place to go at any time.
Le Reservoir
16 Rue de la Forge Royale, Metro Ledru-Rollin
Sunday 18th, 8pm

Salon de la Photo
The Salon de la Photo is the biggest photography show in Paris, featuring just about everything connected to the subject. You’ll find exhibitions of top photographers, some of whom you’ll be able to meet, and the widest possible selection of equipment and media.
Porte de Versailles
15th to 19th October

Top tip: For a free ticket, click here, choose ‘amateur’ then enter the following code: PGPC9. Fill in the form and you should receive a printable invitation by e-mail. (Offered by

Secrets and Lies
Not all anniversaries are happy events. This Saturday marks 48 years since what has become known as 'the 17th of October massacre' took place. In 1961, during the tail-end of a conflict between France and Algeria, a demonstration of Algerians living in France and protesting against night-time curfews degenerated into pitched battles. The French police had been targetted over the previous months by radical Algerian groups, and many today see this day as the moment the French authorities took an extreme and bloody revenge. Many protestors died, but the exact number has never been revealed nor exactly how they met their death (although several were known to have drowned in the Seine).
This is still a very touchy subject in France and a story with many murky elements. Perhaps the full story will come to light for the 50th anniversary. In the meantime, annual commemorative events take place across the city to ensure that people do not forget, including this manifestation near Saint Michel.
Pont St Michel
Saturday 17th, 5pm


Adam said...

Kimmy at suggests a bagel bake off and book signing event with Marc Grossman (aka Bob, of Bob’s Juice Bar and Kitchen). It's at the La Cocotte bookshop, 5 Rue Paul Bert in the 11th at 6pm.
Sounds good to me.

Adam said...

There are also two artistic rendez-vous this weekend. Open days at the Cité Montmartre aux Artistes, the largest self-contained space for artists in Europe, and open days in many artists' studios around Montreuil in the east of Paris.

Ken Mac said...

a beautifully intimate little joint!

Nathalie H.D. said...

Thanks for the Top tip - free entry to the Salon de la Photo. Had I been in Paris, I definitely would have used it.

Your list of "in" places is great too. I'll have to keep that "sous le coude" for when I'm in Paris.

gutscheine zum ausdrucken said...

sehr guter Kommentar

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