Tuesday 13 July 2021

Week 28: July 14 on the beach in Paris

100 years ago this week: Week 28

What did Parisians do on July 14, 1921? Like every year on this national holiday, they danced in the streets and drank a little too much. With temperatures soaring though, many were also tempted to head down to the banks of the Seine and take a splash in the water!

Dive in here for more details.

Paris beaches

The high temperatures have given rise to a spontaneous blooming of numerous crowded beaches along the Seine. Here is one of these, near the Viaduc d'Auteuil, where you can take an informal dip, and where kids splash around in the water all day long.


Each year since 2002, the banks of the Seine in Paris are transformed into 'beaches', but nobody is allowed to enter the water! In 1921, the riverside was a wilder place, and Parisians already washed their clothes in the river and took swimming lessons in river water on specially converted boats moored to the banks. When temperatures rose, it was therefore natural that Parisians would dive in, even if the quality of the water was surely worse than today. 

After a good swim, Parisians then took to the streets to dance throughout the night!

Bonne fête du 14 juillet à tout le monde !


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