Tuesday 2 August 2011

"Die Faszination Des Unsichtbaren" - an interview in Qvest magazine

I was delighted and honoured to be featured in the summer edition of the German fashion and lifestyle magazine Qvest, and what's more in a four-page interview! Although I don't speak German, with the help of automatic translation tools and a German friend, I can see that journalist Yorca Schmidt-Junker has done a great job getting my slightly complex world view across!

Thanks also to the design team at the magazine who helped select the photos to best illustrate the article, and who have made them look more attractive than I manage myself. As an additional honour, I also discovered that I am the first non-fashion blogger to be featured in the magazine, and I can only hope that the readers found this diversion interesting!

If you speak German (and have good eyes!) click on the pictures to read the interview in full. If not, I'm currently trying to put together a version translated into English. In any case, such interest and recognition has given me renewed desire to continue with this project, as have the 'challenges' I have received during my holidays. I'm working on those, and hope to publish full answers soon!


Christine H. said...

Ich gratuliere!

FotoMarg said...

Congratulations, Adam. So glad the article in the magazine has given you "fuel" to continue posting!

Thérèse said...

Congratulations for this article: your work and efforts are being paid back!

Kiki said...

Adam; herzliche Glückwünsche!
I am a German spoken Swiss and - if my eyes weren't just burning (trying to read the original article) - I would be able to tell you honestly that it's a very good and sophisticated interview.
Should you get hold of the original article, and should you wish me to translate, I volunteer.
I am glad to have found you not so long ago and wish you every success in finding more projects unknown and invisible to Parisiens and others!

Gavin said...

Congratulations! Well deserved recognition!

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