Thursday 20 May 2010

Something for the Weekend (21st - 23rd May)

Sport, food and a walk through some champs on the Champs for this weekend which is predicted to be warm and sunny!

Street Golf
Golf in France is generally a sport for the elite, but an organisation known as Le 19ème Trou aims to change this conception. This group of young sports fans have invented a concept known as Street Golf, and organise events and tournaments, including this Saturday the Paris Pro Tour Master Classic '10.

Teeing off from the Place de la Concorde at 12.30, the competition will involve 100 players from all over Europe in teams of five who will play a round of nine holes on a course which will only be revealed at the last minute.

At 8.30pm the evening, a party has been organised at the Point Ephémère in the 19th arrondissement where the trophies will be awarded, and the night will continue with sounds from DJs from around Europe.

Paris Pro Tour Master Classic'10 from Le 19ème Trou.

Free Food!
In an interesting nod to history, the ‘Fédérations des boucheries d'Ile-de-France’ are organising a giant BBQ on the Place de Hôtel de Ville this Sunday at midday. As they say themselves, ‘trois boeufs, un veau et dix agneaux Label rouge seront rôtis à la broche’ with all food being handed out free to visitors.

And what is the nod to history? Well, in the middle ages, this site is where executions took place in the city, with the victims often being burnt at the stake!

Tennis at the Piscine Molitor
The Roland Garros French Open tennis tournament begins this weekend, and to celebrate the event a well-known sports brand (the name of whom I don’t really want to publicise!) has transformed a disused swimming pool into a temporary tennis court. Until June 6th, the Piscine Molitor, alongside the Roland Garros complex, will be open for free tennis lessons or pricey drinks in the temporary bar. The event is of course simply a clever marketing exercise, but it is also a great excuse to see a wonderful piece of normally closed to the public Art Deco architecture (which is also currently plastered in tags and graffiti!).
The Club, Piscine Molitor, 2, avenue de la Porte Molitor 75016, M° Michel-Ange Auteuil.
Monday - Friday 2pm – 7pm. Weekends 11am – 8pm

The Champs Elysées becomes a champs again
For two days on Sunday and Monday, the Champs Elysées will be closed to traffic and covered with grass, flowers and trees. Over the one kilometre distance between the Arc de Triomphe and the Rond Point you will be able to wander through a landscape featuring over 11,000 trees and 150,000 plants. Perhaps its claim to be the 'plus beau avenue du monde' will finally become a reality.

Teaser Nature Capitale from Nature Capitale.


Je m'appelle Cynthia said...

My favorites - tennis and golf, well - golf of sorts. Wii Golf! I am good at that. Now I have to try this Street Golf thing...

Cergie said...

Mon grand remord ainsi qu'à mon mari : ne pas avoir autorisé notre fils aîné à louper les cours du collège pour ramasser les balles à Roland Garros.
Dimanche je suis à la maison de l'Alsace sur les Champs > la manif que tu signales.
Bon week-end, Adam...

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