Friday 18 September 2009

Something for the Weekend?

As an experiment, I have decided to create a new feature each Friday with a few suggestions of interesting or unusual things to do in Paris each weekend. This weekend is particularly rich in events, so it is a good time to start! Please let me know if you have any events or activities you think should be promoted or which you would like to promote yourself.

Les Journées du Patrimoine
My suggestions have already been mentioned here.
Various sites around Paris, the 19th and 20th September.

Le Techno Parade
The fact that there is now an ‘official store’ for this event should tell you that this is not exactly an underground happening, but there should be some interesting surprises this year. Perhaps best of all will be the float representing the electronic scene of Istanbul to celebrate the current ‘Saison de la Turquie en France’.
Saturday 19th – begins 1pm at Place Denfert Rochereau and ‘finishes’ at 8 pm at place de la Bastille.

Tattoo Art Fest
Now is perhaps the time to confess that I too have a tattoo. It’s just a small one, and quite discreet, but discretion will probably not be the word of the weekend at this event. Tattoos have of course become far more mainstream in recent years so it seems natural that the industry should now have its annual exhibition.

18th – 20th September
Parc Floral de Paris (Metro Chateau de Vincennes, Line 1)

Biergarten in Paris
The Café Titon has become something of an institution for the German population of Paris, and to celebrate this fact they have decided to organise an outdoor ‘Biergarten’ to celebrate the start of the Munich Oktoberfest. Expect sausages, beer and lots of music!

19th and 20th September
Rue Bouvier (around the number 11) Metro Rue des Boulets, Line 9

An evening of music!

Good friend and occasional contributor Tim Pike will be performing tonight at the bar La Tactique on Rue Pascal, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris. I’ll be there!
La Tactique, Rue Pascal


David said...

Great idea, but you're missing my number one pick for the week-end: the South West market on Quai Montebello (5th) where the best fruits and veggies (and more) from France come to Paris for a dirt cheap price and smiles...

Adam said...

Hi David - great suggestion! The idea of this feature is to ensure that 'Invisible Paris' also mentions current events, but it remains just my viewpoint. I'm glad that you've added another idea for something to do here, and I hope other people will do so too! There's always so much going on each weekend in Paris, so it would be good to mention events that might otherwise slip under the radar.

PeterParis said...

Back in Paris after some two, three weeks in Sweden and having nothing in stock for blogging I have to go out hunting this weekend. Thanks for your different recommendations!

An bravo for the one year!

Harriet said...

I think this is a great idea. Even though I'm not in Paris, but in the States, it's fun to hear about what's happening there.

marsupilamima2 said...

every sat morning, marché bio des Batignolles....
And of course the theater season begins this week, but in French (mostly)

Cergie said...

Une Beergarten à Paris pour qui a la nostalgie ou qui ne peut se rendre en Allemagne, mais j'aime mieux, à Paris, aller dans les bouchons, ou au restaurant de la Coupole ou dans une guinguette sur les bords de la Marne...
Celle où nous sommes allés, ou plutôt retournés, au bord du Rhin, nous avait été montrée par notre fils étudiant alors à Constance et mon mari s'en est souvenue et l'a retrouvée ; elle est située dans une zone industrielle et n'est donc pas du tout touristique...

ArtSparker said...

Another Inducement to make a have this insider's event list.

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