Wednesday 30 March 2011

Obscura Day…and Night!

Saturday April 9th is Obscura Day worldwide, and in Paris that means a couple of events that I have had a hand in. I’m pleased to say that the visit to the Jardin d’Agronomie Tropicale in the morning has proved popular, with tickets selling out in less than a week. It’s a location that I find fascinating so I’m happy that it seems to have caught other people’s imaginations too.

If you are coming along for that visit, remember that we’ll be meeting up at 10.30am at the Nogent Sur Marne station on the RER line A. The visit is scheduled to last until midday, but please don’t make plans to run away too quickly as I have a little surprise lined up.

The second Obscura Day event is taking place on the Saturday evening at Dorothy’s Gallery near Bastille. The gallery will be transformed for the occasion into a 'midnight garden', and we’ll be revisiting the Jardin d’Agronomie Tropicale in photo and sound.

Photographer Shane Lynam has made several visits the garden, digging through the undergrowth and around the abandoned buildings in order to capture a series of landscapes that reflect the garden’s century-long struggle between nature and humanity.

Des Coulam, the man behind the Soundlandscapes blog, has recorded the sounds of the garden in several different locations and at several different times of the day. The natural harmonies of the garden – birdsong, the wind through the leaves, a slow running stream – again contrast with human noise pollution from the exterior.

The evening event will also be the chance to discover the photographic creations of Korean artist Soon-Young Lee, who has created a series of imaginary homes where humans have been displaced by the invasive natural world.

Drinks at the evening event will be offered by Obscura Day sponsor Hendrick’s Gin, with food being provided by one of Paris’s most underground caterers. Naturally, both will reflect the wild garden theme!

Tickets – priced at €6 – have been selling fast, but there are still a limited number available. Click here for details on times and addresses and to purchase your ticket. Hope to see you there!


Thérèse said...

What an excellent idea!
When I type "Phoenix, Arizona" the destination is "Annual Obscura Day workshop on creating hikaru dorodango, the Japanese art of shiny mud balls." in Albuquerque, New Mexico: 680 kilomètres/420 miles d'ici!!!
I'll think about it!

Kiki said...

oh I see you have a 2nd event planned; shall speak to hero husband and hopefully can snatch up tickets if we find the time - would be FABULOUS!

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