Thursday 3 December 2009

Something for the Weekend? (4th - 6th December)

As we slide into December, a weekend of food and parties. Christmas must be on its way!

If you have any events or activities you think should be promoted or which you would like to promote yourself, please add them in the comments. Let me know also
if you have any events in the coming weekends you would like to promote.

Free entry to Museums
First of all, a reminder that this is the first weekend of the month meaning that a selection of museums will be offering free entry all day on Sunday. The question is, following the current strike actions will they be open at all?
Check here before heading out.

I unashamedly confess to bewilderment at the whole concept of fooding. Even the word itself leaves a strange taste in the mouth. Were the French inventors not brave enough to corrupt their own language? That said, there are some interesting events planned this time around, all based on the theme of the politically incorrect. Trish Deseine has organised a butter ‘spa’, you can sample special horse meat recipes, masked chefs in a disused swimming pool are preparing dishes they would not dare to cook unmasked, and a secret Cognac bar has been set up somewhere in the city (‘near a Royal garden next to the Seine’).

Events have been running all week, but Friday evening gives you the last chance to catch them before the closing ceremony and prize giving event on Monday.

At various locations – for more information, see

Salon Saveurs
If you are looking for a simpler, more traditional culinary event, try the Salon Saveurs at the Porte de Champerret. It’s a large event and sure to be on a seasonal theme this time around, making it the ideal place to stock up on traditional produce before Christmas. Entrance tickets are 8 Euros, but you can normally find reductions or free entries in Saveurs magazine which can be found at any reputable news retailer and which is a fine magazine anyway!
Espace Champerret
Place de la Porte Champerret 75017

Night & Day Christmas Spectacular
Christmas is time to dress up and have a ball, but such festive events are quite rare in France. If you fancy swanning around in a ball gown or tuxedo, the Night & Day Christmas Spectacular event this weekend at R’Yves in the Marriot Rive Gauche is the place to be. Ostensibly free, but likely to set you back a certain amount for cocktails or food, the event is based around a 1920s jazz theme, with Josephine Baker films, live music, dancing lessons, DJs and even special cocktails served in Victorian style teapots!
Hotel Marriot Rive Gauche
17 boulevard Saint Jacques, 75014 (01 40 78 79 80)

On Ice Parties
If you still want to party, but don’t fancy dressing up, how about a disco on ice? On the first Friday evening of each month, the Pailleron ice-rink near the Parc de Buttes Chaumont is turned into a giant and rather cold night club. This time around, the event has been organised by the Kill the DJ record label and will feature sets from JBWIZZZ, Les Seconds Couteaux and Chloe. There is a bar at the venue, but it is alcohol free - which is probably a good thing!
10 Euros (includes hire of a pair of ice skates)
Patinoire Pailleron,
32 rue Pailleron, 75019 (M° Colonel Fabien)

8.30pm – 11.30pm

1 comment:

Cergie said...

Si j'étais dans l'est de la France, il est sûr que ce WE j'assisterais au défilé de la ST Nicolas qui est une tradition aux alentours du 6 décembre.
Je me demande où tu vas d'ailleurs passer noël. Christmas doit être si merveilleux et différent et unique en Angleterre !
En ce qui concerne les musées gratuits, il faudrait de surcroît me payer pour aller faire la queue !
Fooding ! Ah cela rime avec pudding ! L'anglais est inimitable et intraduisible lorsqu'il s'agit avec des mots concis d'exprimer un concept. Ceci dit j'adore aussi l'allemand qui n'est pas concis du tout et qui exprime beaucoup avec des mots à rallonge qui juxtaposent des tas d'autres mots. On ne risque pas alors de malentendu.

C'est le mot antispam de today.

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