Monday 19 July 2021

Week 29: The best summer terrace in 1921!

100 years ago this week: Week 29

Although many people left Paris for summer residences in July and August, those who remained in the city could still find plenty of places to cool down. For evening entertainment, the shaded garden of the Bal Bullier near the Jardin du Luxembourg was the place to be.

Come through the entrance gates here.

In 1921, the Bal Bullier had already been open for around 80 years, hence its boast in this advertisement to be 'the oldest and most famous' in Paris. In the centre of the city's student district, it was in fact always known as being one of the city's cheapest - and therefore perhaps one of the city's liveliest such establishments.

As well as being reasonably priced, it was the shady, illuminated garden that brought in the crowds, as well as music that always followed the fashions of the day. In 1921, it was moving towards the jazz scene, and would shortly become popular with the Dadaist movement.

It was eventually demolished in 1940, and replaced with a large facility for students (halls of residence, canteen...).

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 (Le jardin du bal Bullier, la nuit by Ludovic Vallet, 1902)

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