Thursday 21 September 2017

Where to buy my Paris Cityscopes guide

After a long but enjoyable process, my Paris Cityscopes guide finally went on sale in August. I am not very strong on self-promotion, but I am very happy with the result of the book, and now hope as many people as possible will (want to) read it! Find out here how you can get hold of a copy.

If you have enjoyed reading Invisible Paris over the years, I am sure you will also enjoy the Cityscopes guide! My goal since the very beginning of this blog has been to share what I find of interest in Paris through stories and investigations, and this was also the way I approached the Cityscopes guide. I hope it makes for a satisfying book, and – unusually for a guide – one you can read from cover-to-cover, whether you are planning a trip to Paris or not!

If you have already purchased the book – and read at least a little of it – I thank you profusely! Please don’t hesitate to let me know what you thought about it, either by commenting here, directly by mail, on social media, or on Amazon (or all four!), even if this feedback is negative…

I am extremely gratefully to Reaktion Books in the UK for giving me the opportunity to express my passion for Paris within the framework of their series of city guides. These guides are a unique concept, offering an overview of the city’s history, essays on the city of today, lots of offbeat photos (many by the author) and illustrations, as well as more traditional tips and addresses – all from the perspective of a single author - and I thoroughly recommend all of the other titles in the series (Berlin, New York, Beijing…)

Purchasing online

I don’t necessarily want to encourage further Amazon domination, but the site is obviously practical for many people. You can also purchase a Kindle version there, but this would be with the 100 or so illustrations displayed in a non-optimum manner!
Many other sites across the world stock the book, but you can also order it directly from the publishers, with a 20% discount (use Paris20 at the checkout). This may or may not make it cheaper than from Amazon (with their free delivery), but note that the publishers will get a bigger cut, if not the author!

In your local bookshop

The guide has been quite widely distributed in the UK, and it was immensely satisfying to see it on the shelves of Foyles and Stanfords when I was in London in August. Even if it is not stocked at your local bookshop, it can easily be ordered by the store.

In Paris 

As far as I'm aware, the book is on the shelves of half a dozen or so bookshops in Paris, including Shakespeare and Company and Gibert Joseph (where they very kindly placed it on the main Paris display desk, alongside the best-selling French guides!). If you can't find it in Paris, let me know!


Hels said...

Shakespeare and Company and Gibert Joseph are great bookshops. Well done... I hope the sales go very well.

jakie said...

I'm definitely going to get a copy! I have enjoyed Invisible Paris for many years and the blog is far and beyond better than the many others I have followed. Paris is a magical, wonderful, diverse metropolis. Thank you for your good work!

Unknown said...

This is an EXCELLENT book. I enjoyed every page. And I know Paris pretty well so it was fun to learn new things but also to be so engaged by the way you write! Thank you. It is my new Paris manual. And I will enjoy reading your blog. I met you with Cara Black a few weeks ago. I do a "mystery" week with her every year. Donna Morris

Adam said...

Thanks Donna. I'm really glad you enjoyed it.
It was nice to meet you recently, and don't forget - don't hesitate if you have any challenges!

Techleona said...

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