Monday 3 January 2011

Christmas is Over

A walk along the city streets in the cold commencement of January brings many a sad sight. Propped up against posts, amongst the ruins of a smashed toilet or just lying prone on freezing paving tiles are the carcasses of a thousand banished Christmas trees.

January is a time to look forward and to make changes, and the throwing out of the tree is often the symbolic starting point of new resolutions. The trees left out on the streets will be picked up and incinerated, but don't we all deserve a chance at a second life? My own tree is exhausted and has shed many of its needles, but this week I'll be taking it to the local park where it will later shredded and used as mulch in city gardens. A tree is surely best left alive and growing, but at least this will be a life recycled.


Christine H. said...

Yes, mulch is a many splendored thing.

ArtSparker said...

Yeah. I do tend to think about Hans Christian Anderson at this time of year.

rueducroissant said...

Very nice set of pictures !

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