Wednesday 17 March 2010

Something for the Weekend (19th – 21st March)

Spring has finally arrived, and in its step, a very busy weekend! As usual, suggestions for slightly offbeat activities can be found below.

Le Son de Nous
“Le Son de Nous” is a collaboration between Philippe Starck and Soundwalk, but also an unusual performance which will involve a great deal of audience participation. Billed as ‘a rare and unique view of the artist’ it is also an investigation into the sounds around us and a search for the sound that we lack. In the performance, Philippe Starck will share his passion for sound, while members of Soundwalk, accompanied by instrumentalists and sound technicians, will respond to Starck using sounds captured around the world over the course of the last decade.

Before this weekend's event, I asked three questions to Isabella Yeager from Soundwalk.

Who is Soundwalk and what do you do?
Soundwalk is a critically-acclaimed new media company based in New York and Paris which has quickly become the leading producer of audio tours. These are cutting-edge audio guides in which the listener is able to step into the life of a narrator as they guide you through their neighborhood streets and local hangouts. Soundwalks mix fiction and reality in a cinematic experience that gives the listener the feeling of actually being in a film. In addition to this, we also produce audio-branding, temporary installations and performances such as "Le Son du Nous" with Philippe Starck.

Why did you decide to work with Philippe Starck?
"Le Son du Nous" is in fact the third in a series of collaborations with Philippe Starck. Together, such as on our joint 24 hour sound mix compilation, we have experimented with the artistic capacities of modern technologies to redefine the way in which art is consumed, and to explore and comment upon man’s role in both the natural and manufactured soundscapes in which he exists. We admire the artist's work and are excited to be working with him again!

What can visitors expect to experience during the performance?
Those who attend "Le Son du Nous" this weekend can expect to see a performance that explores the role of sound in human bodies, structures, and history. Through the altering of reality, manipulation of audio, and musical interpretation, this performance will explore sound as a symbol of life – of the cycle of creation and destruction – and will guide us together to the discovery of a unique sound: the Sound of Us.

"Le Son de Nous"
Maison Des Arts Andre Malraux
Place Salvatore Allende, Creteil, M°
Friday 19th and Saturday 20th, 8.30pm
Tickets: 8 - 20€

Obscura Day: Le Musée Fragonard
A quick reminder that this Saturday is International Obscura Day, and that an event is being organised at the Musée Fragonard in Maisons Alfort. There are still a few tickets available for the guided tour of this fascinating and odd museum, so sign up quickly if you want to come along.

Jef l’Aerosol + Speedy Graphito
Cergie pointed out on her blog this week that veteran street artist Jef l’Aerosol will be ‘performing’ live in Paris on Saturday. You can catch him in the window of the Gallerie Lipao-Huang, 16 Rue Dauphine at 4pm.

Similarly, Speedy Graphito will be doing a live performance at the Hotel Marcel Dassault during the '40 ans d'art graffiti' auction this Saturday at 2pm.

Free Macarons
Meg Zimbeck has also pointed out that Saturday is Free Macaron Day across Paris. She provides a list of all the places you can pick up a free treat here.

France v England, 6 Nations Rugby Tournament
This rugby classic was an immediate sell-out, but there are still several places around the city where you will be able to soak up the atmosphere on Saturday evening. As well as the traditional bars and pubs, this year you will also be able watch the game in 3D at the Gaumont Aquaboulevard cinema!

La Nuit de l'Eau
If you want to visit the last remaining vestige of the 1924 Olympics in Paris, this Saturday evening could be the ideal moment! The Olympic swimming pool, today called the Piscine Georges Vallery, will be open until midnight for a special charity event in aid of Unicef.


House Hunting in Paris said...

Does Friday afternoon count as the weekend? Tomorrow there is an important auction of the estate of Daniel Carasso (founder of Dannon). I went to the previews today, was blown away - Bonnard, Monet, Rodin and more. In case you're not able to make it to the previews you can always check out the photos online

Lot list here

Starman said...

But it's only Jeudi.

Adam said...

Yes, Friday afternoon is the weekend! Oh, and I've posted this a bit earlier than usual because some activities require tickets that need to be bought and reserved!

Anne said...

Movies only 3.50 euros from Sunday through Tuesday throughout France.

PeterParis said...

The Soundwalk seems to be an interesting feature!
Maybe we will meet at 16 rue Dauphine? I will try to make it!

Cergie said...

Une autre activité que je propose : aller juste maintenant cambrioler chez Adam qui n'est pas chez lui puisqu'il assiste à deux performances cette après midi.
Seulement il faut aimer les objets "chinés" car il ne s'équipe que dans les brocantes...
Bon week-end Adam !

Cergie said...

Remarque, chez Peter ce n'est pas so bad non plus : il a quelques objets suédois de bon goût, une petite toile de Jef Aerosol et une de Jérôme Mesnager.

CarolineLD said...

But Cergie, you have now made yourself chief suspect!

I'm so sorry to miss free macaron day...

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