Thursday 18 February 2010

Something for the Weekend? (19th – 21st February)

After the Mardi Gras festivities we are now in a period of lent, but that doesn't seem to apply in Paris. A new season of events and shows is just beginning which should keep us occupied until the sun comes back!

If you have any events or activities you think should be promoted or which you would like to promote yourself, please add them in the comments. Let me know also if you have any events in the coming weekends you would like to promote.

L'Impossible Photographie
The Musée Carnavalet is the location of a fascinating exhibition until July 4th. Displayed are 340 photos taken inside the prisons of Paris from 1851 to the current day, an undertaking which was judged 'impossible' by Catherine Tambrun, the curator of the exhibition. Impossible because authorisations to take photos inside a prison are so difficult to obtain (there are nevertheless three recent photo-reportages of life inside the Prison de la Santé, the last remaining prison in Paris), and impossible because a photo can never truly capture the sensation of imprisonment. As well as visions of contemporary conditions in the city's penal institutions, the exhibition also offers a rare insight into the historical jails of the city, such as the St Lazare Hospital/Prison.

Musée Carnavalet
23 rue de Sévigné, 75003, M° Saint-Paul
10am - 6pm daily except Mondays, 7€

Le Festival international des sports extrêmes
Strange as it may seem, the city of Paris is home to one of the biggest indoor skate parks in Europe. This weekend it will be the scene of a series of BMX, skateboard and roller competitions with professional entrants coming from Brazil, the USA and the UK as well as France. Competitions are also open to amateurs if you fancy a go, or if not, entrance is free for spectators.
EGP 18
54, bis boulevard Ney 75018, M° Porte de la Chapelle
Saturday 20th, 9.45am - 8.30pm, Sunday 21st, 9.45am - 6.30pm

A Sunday Tea Dance
A Sunday afternoon 'guingette' dance is a historic tradition in Paris, but in recent years it has become very popular once more. It is more traditionally associated with outdoor venues and warm weather, but once a month (normally the first Sunday of each month - who knows why it is the third Sunday this month!), the Quai de Seine association will organise a 'Bal Folk' in a very friendly local bar/restaurant. If you've never tried dancing a valse or a polka before, this could be your opportunity!
Sunday 21st, 5pm
French K-Wa
6 rue Planchat 75020 M° Avron

The Viennese Vegetable Orchestra
Oddity of the week, an orchestra that performs music solely on instruments made of vegetables! Carrots, leeks, pumpkins, courgettes, cucumbers - everything is put to use, creating sounds that are remarkably similar to drums, clarinets or a double bass. A very natural, primitive experience!

Centre Pompidou
Saturday 20th, 6pm
Click here for ticket information.


Celine in London said...

So funny the vegetable orchestra. I am not sure I would enjoy watching it for 2 hours but the idea is definitly interesting!!

Cergie said...

Extraordinaire Adam ! Je reste coite devant ta dernière proposition !
La guinguette me plait pas mal non plus, d'ordinaire pour danser la "valse sautée" il vaut mieux aller en Alsace où ils savent rigoler tous les WE, en s'enfilant du cochon grillé derrière la cravatte.
Bien observé qu'une photo ne traduit pas tout. C'est seulement en un clic de quelques centième de seconde un moment d'éternité...

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