Thursday 24 September 2009

Something for the Weekend? (26th/27th September)

Once more, a few suggestions for interesting or unusual things to do in Paris for the coming weekend. This will be the first weekend of Autumn, but the sun is forecast to shine, so I’m sending you out into the streets again!

Please add any events or activities you think should be promoted or which you would like to promote yourself in the comments, and let me know if you have any events in the coming weekends you would like to promote.

La Fête des Jardins
Throughout the weekend, just about every park and garden in the city will have some kind of activity organised. It may be tasting food, learning how to pot plants, or just live music, but ‘something for everyone’ is the cliché that comes to mind.
For those looking for something a little out of the ordinary, try the Parc de Buttes Chaumont which is always a fascinating visit, but which this weekend will also feature a demonstration by the city tree-surgeons! On a quieter note, many of the secret and private gardens of the city’s religious institutions will be open, with most of these being situated on the left-bank in the 6th and 7th arrondissements.
Click here for the full programme (5 Mo PDF).
26th and 27th September, various locations.

Rue Stick – an “Affichage Sauvage”
On Sunday afternoon, a group of street artists are planning to decorate a pair of bare walls near the Bastille with the idea being that the more of them there are, the less chance they will be stopped by the police! Many well-known names on the scene will be present, including Nice-Art, Kouka, Tian and Titifromparis, and the atmosphere should be fun and festive. The two walls span the corner of two streets and provide a surface of upwards of 7Om² - enough space for some spectacular creations!
Click here for more information.

Sunday 27th September, 1.30pm
Rue des Lions Saint-Paul and Rue du Petit Musc
Métro Line 7, Station Sully - Morland

Les Portes Ouvertes des ateliers de Ménilmontant
Several districts around Paris have an annual weekend where artists open up their studios to visitors, and this weekend it is the turn of Menilmontant in the North-East of the city. Outside of any discussions as to whether these are true artists or just part-time painters and photographers, it is an excellent opportunity to explore the normally closed passageways and courtyards of this old and largely unspoilt part of the city.

More information here, including maps and mini-biographies on each participating artist.
Friday 25th to Monday 28th

The Autumn is considered to be the beginning of the artistic season in France. In an attempt to promote some of the forthcoming events, the city of Paris has had the curious but interesting idea of organising a promotional weekend alongside the river Seine. The 1 km long space will be organised by theme, including music, theatre and museums, and 12 stages will host over 100 entirely free performances over the weekend.
The full programme can be found here.
Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th from 10 :00 – 18 :00
Port de la Gare & Port de Tolbiac (Metro: Quai de la Gare)

Last Weekend of the Planète Parr exhibition
Just a reminder that this weekend marks the last chance to visit the fascinating and amusing exhibition of English photographer Martin Parr’s pictures and private collections.
Jeu de Paume, 1 place de la Concorde 75008 Paris
Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th from 10:00 – 19:00


Kcalpesh said...

Awaits Awaits Awaits, the time when I'd be so relaxed sitting on a bench in such a beautiful place observing the surroundings and people walking by! This is such a calm and relaxing picture!

Pixellicious Photos

PeterParis said...

A lot of good ideas! Thanks! Maybe we will meet somewhere?

Badaude said...

This weekend I'll be celebrating the launch of Hamish Hamilton's Fivedials Paris issue (which I illustrated) with a party at Shakespeare & co. The downloadable online magazine is a thing of beauty and will be released at precisely 11pm tonight at

Cergie said...

Ahlalala ! Je vais louper l'exhibition de Martin Paar ! C'est là le problème, lorsqu'on se dit qu'on a tout le temps !
Ce n'est pas grave, je verrai autre chose à l'occasion.
Adam, quand on pense que tu habites DANS les photos de Willy Ronis, cela fait drôle, non ?
(Je suis très saturée des jardins en ce moment, j'en vois trop...)

Gina V said...

Re: Affichage sauvage...I stay just around the block on rue Charles V!...and it is rue du Petit Musc

Adam said...

Thanks Gina - corrected!

Ken Mac said...

thanks for taking us there

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