Thursday 30 July 2009

Accidental Art III

I have noticed this faceless figure in a life-belt popping up on walls with ever increasing frequency recently, but the juxtaposition here with these posters from a variety of left-wing political institutions is a real treat. The principal message says "the left will not rise again without you - join the Parti à Gauche". Alongside, the figure is at once hiding, protected, blind, imprisoned, safe. Truly mixed messages!

A little further long, a much more deliberate and irrevent symbol. I'm not sure what Leonardo da Vinci would have made of this representation of his Joconde, but the message here seems a little less enigmatic than his original creation!

Finally, I cannot publish this series of pictures without adding another drainpipe! Here it descends down a crumbling wall in which someone has carved a series of strange, primitive figures. In a similar colour, another face has been painted and stuck onto the pipe. It is surprising and wondrous find in the centre of Paris.

Coming soon: In the next few days I will publish my third Invisible Paris walk - this time suitably enough dedicated to street art!


Starman said...

Not only is Mona giving us the peace sign, she's winking also.

ArtSparker said...

I love the drainpipe art and look forward to the walk with street art.

Cergie said...

Ce personnage avec bouée se voit plutôt de face que de profil, d'ordinaire
La Joconde a souvent été détournée, par Geluck par exemple.
Ces grafitis en creux sont assez intrigants, en voici une vue plus large que j'ai postée sur mon 2ème blog avec un triporteur.
PS : notre compromis de vente est signé de ce matin !

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