Thursday, 29 April 2010

Something for the Weekend (30th April – 2nd May)

With a mix of marches, guerilla gardening, poetry and hacking workshops, this weekend will be revolutionary! Nothing less should be expected for the 1st of May though.

If you have any events or activities you think should be promoted or which you would like to promote yourself, please add them in the comments. Let me know also if you have any events in the coming weekends you would like to promote.

May Day Marches
May Day in France is the fête du travail, and an opportunity for the worker to take to the streets. This year tensions are running high in the country, so expect big turnouts at the 284 scheduled marches around the country, including around a hundred thousand people in Paris.
Saturday 1st - 2pm
Place de la République

Guerilla Gardening
The 1st of May is also the opportunity for the French to offer bouquets of Muguet (Lily of the Valley) to each other. However, for the mysterious 'guerilla gardeners', this day has become synonymous with sunflowers. If you want to help out, meet at the Censier Daubenton Metro station at 2pm, and bring some seeds, some earth or some water. The group will then head out to some secret sites to do some planting!
Saturday 1st - 2pm
M° Censier Daubenton

Poesie is not Dead
To be honest, I'm not sure what to expect from this event which will supposedly mix multi-lingual poetry with music and video, but with poets from China, France, Colombia and the United States and an entrance price of just €2 (which also includes a drink!) it must be worth a look.
Sunday 2nd May, 6pm
Studios Campus
12 bis rue Froment 75011 (M° Bastille / Richard Lenoir)

Les Contorsions Technologiques
Described by organisers as "a mix of workshops, exhibitions, demonstrations and performance, in a setting favorable to discovery, experimentation and exchange", this event is an attempt to bring hackers out of their bedrooms and into a more social environment. I think even the organisers are not sure what will be happening, but they have very big objectives - "It’s an invitation to grab the tools and take the initiative back, to shatter norms and reshape our universe" they proudly claim!

A large part of the event will probably be no more spectacular than the sight of groups of young men hovering around computers, but the "front of a 7 story building" has been offered up to hackers as an exhibition medium. It could be interesting to see what they choose to do with it!
April 30th to May 2nd
La Suite
27 rue de la Glacière, 75013


Thérèse said...

Such good ideas!
Guerilla Gardening should be real fun...

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